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PowerConnect Java Installation Guide (PowerConnect Java 8.X / 7.X / 6.X)

PowerConnect Java Installation Guide (PowerConnect Java 8.X / 7.X / 6.X)


This document details the installation instructions for the SAP PowerConnect Java monitoring agent v8.x / v7.x / v6.x. This installation must be performed using an account that has administrator privileges, preferably the administrator user is used. Please check the known issues KB before you begin.

Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues and their associated KB articles.


KB Article

PowerConnect agent fails to start java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: appears in defaultTrace.log

This is a known SAP issue with NW 7.5 SP. Fix is in SAP note 2186799 - Receiving a Deployment Exception That the SCA Application Cannot Be Started and is fixed by applying FRAMEWRK SP2 or higher. This is an SAP defect and needs to be resolved by applying this note.

PowerConnect agent generates an internal server error when trying to access the PowerConnect administrative console URL

Following message appears in the default trace log. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

This is a known SAP issue. Fix is in the SAP note: 1616798 - ClassNotFoundException - WSReverseProxy, and is fixed by making a modification to the web service reverse proxy. This is an SAP defect and needs to be resolved by applying this note.


·         SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and above with valid license

·         100 MB free disk space in the database

·         Administrator credentials to the SAP NetWeaver system

·         Latest version of SUM and access to run SUM on the SAP NetWeaver application server (alternatively telnet can be used to deploy/undeploy java code into SAP NetWeaver Java systems, this is for expert users only)

·         Splunk Enterprise v7.1 or higher

·         HEC endpoint setup on indexer or heavy forwarder (use link for setup instructions)

·         Access from the SAP app server (any port) to the Splunk HEC port (default 8088)

Java agent installation steps

  1. Installation of the software using SUM or telnet

a. SAP PowerConnect Java monitoring agent
b. SAP PowerConnect configuration GUI

  1. Initialization of database table to store configuration

  2. Create PowerConnect user in java UME

  3. Granting security permissions

  4. Apply permissions to SAP PowerConnect Agent

  5. Install license key

  6. Configuration of SAP PowerConnect Agent

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