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/BNWVS/COLLECT_HIST - Utility Transaction to Collect Historical data

Data Description

The /BNWVS/COLLECT_HIST transaction serves as a valuable tool for extracting historical or backdated data related to Event Types, facilitating its transmission to the Splunk system. This functionality proves especially useful following a fresh installation in a customer's environment, especially when historical data is required. This becomes particularly relevant if certain data wasn't initially selected by PowerConnect, possibly due to errors or system shutdowns. The configuration user (with role Z_BNWVS_ADMIN_CHANGE) has authorization to the transaction.

Potential Use Cases

This transaction could be used in the following scenarios:

  • Recover missing data that may not have been selected by PowerConnect, especially in cases of any errors.

  • To recover data that was not selected during a system shutdown, ensuring data integrity.

  • After a new installation to retrieve historical data for Event Types in a customer environment.

SAP Navigation

Log into the managed SAP system and execute the transaction /n//BNWVS/COLLECT_HIST to collect and send Historical data for an Event Type at a time.

Input fields:

  • Metric Collector: Enter Event Type Here which is mandatory

  • Date & Time input fields are mandatory & self Explanatory

  • Extraction Frequency in Seconds: This parameter is optional and specifically designed for the batch extraction of data. In the absence of user input, the system defaults to either the extraction frequency defined in the Group Definition or a minimum interval of 300 seconds, whichever is shorter. It's essential to note that the potential abundance of historical data poses a risk of memory overflow. The inclusion of this batch extraction parameter optimizes the data retrieval process, mitigating the risk of memory overflow errors and ensuring a smoother extraction experience.

Following the execution of the historical report, the extracted data is stored in metric tables for subsequent transmission to the Splunk system. To verify the accuracy of the extracted data, one can examine both the Splunk system and the SAP system. A convenient method for cross-verification is through the Metric search report, accessible via /n/BNWVS/MAIN->Goto-> Test Metrics in the SAP system. Below is the output screen after execution of the historical report.

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