PowerConnect Cloud requires access to the SAP CPI API to be able to extract message monitoring data and payloads. The most secure way to do this is add PowerConnect Cloud as an OAuth client to your SAP CPI tenancy. To do this follow the steps below:

Creating a group for PowerConnect Cloud

  • Login to your SAP CPI tenancy BTP Cockpit

  • Click on Authorizations in the menu on the left

  • Click the Groups tab then New Group

  • Create a group called powerconnect and click Save

  • Click the powerconnect group you just created and assign a role by clicking the Assign link in the Roles section

  • Choose the subaccount ending in tmn then the role AuthGroup.BusinessExpert. This will give PowerConnect the necessary permissions to read the CPI message data.

Creating an OAuth Client for PowerConnect Cloud

  • In the SAP BTP Cockpit click on the OAuth link in the menu on the left

  • Click on the Clients tab

  • Create a new client called powerconnect making sure the Authorization Grant is set to Client Credentials

  • Note down the Client ID and the Client Secret

  • Click on the Branding tab and note down the Token Endpoint

  • Add the OAUTH client to the powerconnect group you created. Note when adding the user you must prefix the client id with “oauth_client_” as shown below:

Adding a CPI Input in PowerConnect Cloud

  • Login to the PowerConnect Cloud web UI

  • Click on the Inputs link in the menu bar

  • Click the + button to add a new Input

  • Choose messages under sap-cpi

  • Fill in the form with the details you noted down when creating the powerconnect OAuth client (client id, client secret and token url).

  • The tenant url can be found in the SAP BTP Cockpit under Subscriptions  Applications (ending with tmn)  Application URLs

  • Choose the Splunk output you wish to send the CPI data to

  • Click Save

  • The Input is now created