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LTRC - SAP LT Replication Server information

Data Description

The LTRC event can be used to monitor SAP LT Replication Server.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used for the following scenarios:

  • Determine issues with SAP SLT server table replication.

  • Monitor unprocessed records

  • Determine replication table issues

Metric Filters

Administrator->Metric Filters->More->LTRC Table filter

Filter is mandatory to collect the data for specifies Mass Transfer IDs and Table names. Table Name can be also defined as ‘*' to collect all tables. SLT Group Definition expected to be defined as 'LTRC’ to be considered in this extractor.

Metric Configuration

EXECUTE_REPORT configuration parameter could be used to collect the information from remote system. In this case, the data will be collected and uploaded with EVENT_TYPE=TABLE_INFO.

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