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HDB_DBCC_OLOCK - HANA Database Object Locks

Data Description

The HDB_DBCC_OLOCK event is used in SAP to provide an overview of the acquired locks on Hana Database objects.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used in the following scenarios:

  • Determine overview of locked objects(tables) i.e. lock types, object type, object name, etc.

  • Monitor to determine if critical objects(tables) are locked and send alerts

  • Determine how frequently the critical objects are locked

  • Can be used to find which Transactions lock critical objects and schedule the execution of such transactions accordingly

Splunk Event

The event will look like this in Splunk:

SAP Navigation

Log in to the SAP system (having a HANA database) and execute the transaction DB01. Navigate to Diagnostics->Locks->Object Locks and currently locked objects will be displayed.

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