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Java Troubleshooting


Please consult the Knowledge Base to see if the problem you are encountering is documented with a resolution. The document below outlines key information required to troubleshoot potential problems associated with the PowerConnect Java application. Please acquire and attach the information below when submitting a support incident.

Mandatory Information for PowerConnect Java Support Incidents

Collect the following three logs from SAP Java Application Servers, export the following logs from all instances, and all server node directories (server0..X). The information can be collected either in the NetWeaver Administrator console or using the OS. Please use this article for additional information: Trace files - Portal - Community Wiki (

SID = the SAP system SID
## = instance number of the SAP system
n = the java server node directory
▪ defaultTrace.X.log
▪ ApplicationTrace.X.log
▪ Powerconnect.X.log

All logs, from all serverX directories from all SAP instances need to be provided. 

Also the powerconnect.log can be obtained from inside SAP in the PowerConnect control panel. Please provide these logs when creating a support incident.

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