KB 106 (ABAP): SAINT Install CHECK_REQUIREMENTS Error for Open Data Extraction Requests

Category: Problem

Platform: ABAP

Priority: Normal

Version: 1 from 23.03.2021

Problem description

When completing the SAINT install of the PowerConnect software for an ABAP system, you may encounter an error after loading the installation packages and starting the install. The error will look like this: 


This issue is caused by open data in the extractor queues. If the dictionary structure change while there is data in the queue, this can prevent the data from being processed after the upgrade/patch. This warning is thrown by SAP because it checks all queues even if they are not being upgraded/patched. 

In this case, SAP is notifying the user that there is data in the SAP queues, however patching our component does not adjust any of the standard SAP structures, so there will be no impact. If you are patching an SAP component there is a risk of this corruption occurring, however if we are only patching PowerConnect component then there is no risk. 


If this error occurs, hit the Skip box in the top left of the screen and continue the installation process.

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PowerConnect [NW,S4HANA,S4HANA Cloud]

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