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KB 119 - Configuring PowerConnect Java UI to use SSL

KB 119 (Java NW) - Configuring PowerConnect Java UI to use SSL

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: Java(NW)

Version: 1 from 23.03.2021


There may be a requirement to make the PowerConnet Java UI accessible via HTTPS only. To do this please follow the steps below:

  • Login to SAP NWA 

  • Navigate to SOA -> Application and Scenario Communication -> Single Service

  • Click Go 


Apply a filter on the Namespace column with the value "powerconnect" and hit return 


For each PowerConnect Service click the Configuration tab -> Security tab -> Edit and change the Transport Protocol from HTTP to HTTPS

  • Click Save and repeat for the remaining PowerConnect Services 

  • Navigate to SOA -> Application and Scenario Communication -> Application Communication

  • Click the Edit button then change the Provider System for the PowerConnectSG Service Group dropdown to None and click Save 

  • Click the Edit button again and this time choose <create...> 

  • Enter your System Name and click the SAP Java radio button then click next 

  • You may see a pop up window saying similar systems have been found. If you are happy to use your existing configuration click OK otherwise click Cancel 

  • Enter the Host Name of the system, the SSL Port, choose https for the Protocol and make sure Use SSO is selected for the Authentication Method and click Next 

  • You may need to enter your credentials to download the WSIL. The connection will then be tested and should be successful.  Click Next 

  • The final screen should show that the PowerConnectSG service group has been assigned to the newly created connection. Click Finish 

  • Finally click Save and the Processing State for the PowerConnectSG group should go green and display Processed 

  • The PowerConnect UI should now be running on the SSL port 

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