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KB 121 - Apply Attribute Change Package

KB 121 (ABAP) - Apply Attribute Change Package

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 23.03.2021


Attribute Change Packages (ACP) are needed when there is a need to deliver and correct import attributes of ABAP OCS packages (Support Packages, Add-On Installation Packages, Add-On Upgrade Packages) that have already been released. ACPs are used when customers have systems where PowerConnect are installed, and plan to complete a technical upgrade or platform change for their SAP system (e.g. Netweaver to S/4 HANA migration).

After identifying the correct ACP to apply, please complete the following steps:

  • Log into client 000 of the system which will be upgraded, and perform the SPAM transaction.

  • Click on Installation Package → Load Package → SAR Archive from Front End

  • Locate the ACP package on your local machine, and click the “Open” button.

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