KB 125 (ABAP) - Change Splunk connection settings

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 13.09.2021


The following steps should be used to change Splunk connection settings:

  • Log into the system where the PowerConnect application was installed, and execute the /n/bnwvs/main transaction. Then go to Administrator → Splunk Setup → Upload Scheme:

  • Select necessary endpoint on the right side of the screen and click ‘Edit’ button on the toolbar (double-click will do the same):

  • After the configuration change, click ‘Check’ button to verify the settings. If if the connection is valid, following dialog boxes will be shown:

  • Confirm the dialog.

  • Save changes using ‘Save’ button and exit.

  • Restart Uploader job using ‘Toggle uploader’ button to apply changes.