1. To Update Default Index based on your role you need to check your role for that click on “Settings” and then “Users”.  

  2. filter your username at the top filter 

  3. Now, in the result table you will see your roles.

  4. To make the PowerConnect indexes searchable by default for your role, click on “Settings” and then “Roles”.

  5. Here you can see your role in the table, click on your role. you can see below screenshot popup after clicking on specific role.

  6. Now click on Indexes.

  7. You can select any of the indexes in which your data is ingested as a default index, by clicking on the checkbox in the Default column.

  8. And Save the Changes.

  9. Now, you can see the data of that Index.


Note: If sap-index macro is configured then it’s index value should be among the index selected in step 7.