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KB 134 - SAP Fiori User Monitoring

KB 134 (ABAP): SAP Fiori User Monitoring

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 15.12.2021


Starting from PowerConnect SP 6.08 it is possible to monitor SAP Fiori user activities/performance. Please follow steps mentioned in Resolution section to use this functionality.


Create/extend Fiori Launchpad Catalog

Tcode: /n/UI2/FLPD_CUST (Client-specific) or /n/ui2/FLPD_CONF (System-wide)

Fiori Catalog list

In this guide we will show new catalog creation, however it is possible to extend existing catalogs.

Use (plus) button in the bottom of catalog list to create new catalog (/BNWVS/FLP_MONITOR)

New Fiori Catalog

Click ‘Save’

Switch to ‘Target Mappings’ tab

Target mapping list

Click ‘Create Target Mapping’ in the bottom of the page.

Configure Target Mapping

Define following values:

Semantic object: Shell

Action: plugin

Application Type: SAPUI5 Fiori App


URL: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/bnwvs/flp_mon


Information: PowerConnect Fiori Monitoring plugin

Device Types: Activate all

Click ‘Save’ in the bottom of the page

Create Fiori catalog role

Transaction: PFCG

Create role: Z_BNWVS_FIORI_MONITORING (name can be changed)

Role description: PowerConnect Fiori Monitoring role

Click ‘Single Role’ to create a single role.

Assign Fiori Launchpad Catalog to the Role: on Menu tab add SAP Fiori Launchpad->Launchpad Catalog

Define /BNWVS/FLP_MONITOR as Catalog ID value:

Confirm the dialog.

Save the role.

Assign the role to necessary users/profiles.

Ensure following ICM services are active:



Please activate these nodes if they are not active using right mouse click->Activate Service:

[Additional Information]

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Product version




PowerConnect (NW,S4HANA)



SAP product version





SAP Fiori frontend




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