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KB 147 - A custom JavaScript caused an issue loading your dashboard

KB 147 (Splunk): A custom JavaScript caused an issue loading your dashboard

Category: Problem

Priority: Normal

Platform: Splunk On-Prem and Splunk Cloud

Version: 1


When interacting with certain dashboard, users of PowerConnect Splunk app get a pop up as below:

This issue is noticed in the “Landscape Overview” dashboard and is triggered when the users interact with the dashboard by clicking the bubble in Availability column.

This issue is currently noticed only on Splunk version 8.2.5 and is not dependent of the PowerConnect app version.


Upon investigation in the development console as per the modals suggestion, you may notice errors like this. The actual error on the page may be slightly different.


Currently the resolution of this issue is unknown and we are working on this issue. This webpage will be updated with the resolution once available.

Additional information

This issue is not believed to be critical since the dashboards still run and the data is visible despite the error.

Product Version




PowerConnect Splunk app



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If this problem persists, please contact our support.