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KB 165 - Out-of-the-box dashboards not populating data

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: Splunk

Version: 1 from 08.11.2022


Splunk dashboards are not populating with data, but when searching manually, PowerConnect data can be found in Splunk.


Some PowerConnect implementations may use a Splunk index with a name other than “sap.” The out-of-the-box dashboards contain search macros that assume an index name of “sap.” Splunk search macros are segments of Splunk search language that can be called by invoking the macro name in a search query and passing any arguments specified in the macro definition.


Please update the search macros provided in the app in order to populate the dashboards with data.

  1. Click on “Settings,” and then “Advanced search”

  2. Click “Search macros”

  3. Search for “sap-abap”

    1. The results should indicate macros with the name “sap-abap(1)” and “sap-abap(2)“

  4. For each “sap-abap” macro, click on the macro name and replace the definition with the following content

    1. sap-abap(1)

      (`sap-index` source!=audittrail (((sourcetype=sap_abap OR
      sourcetype=sap:abap) EVENT_TYPE=$event_type$) OR
    2. sap-abap(2)

      (`sap-index` source!=audittrail (((sourcetype=sap_abap OR
      sourcetype=sap:abap) EVENT_TYPE=$event_type$) OR
      (sourcetype=sap:abap:$event_type$)) EVENT_SUBTYPE=$event_subtype$)

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