KB 167 (ABAP): Application logs cannot be deleted

Category: Problem

Priority: High

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 25.01.2023


BALHDR and BALDAT tables are growing. Number of records with BALHDR-OBJECT=/BNWVS/ is growing and SLG2 does not remove these records.

The problem is related to SP 7.01.


Due to the bug, BALHDR-DEL_BEFORE flag is set, which prevents SLG2 from deletion such entries.


Please set Application Log Level to ‘No log’ and contact PowerConnect support to get a hotfix transport.

Reduce Application log level (temporary step until hotfix transport is imported or upgrade performed):

  1. Open /bnwvs/main

  2. Open Application log settings using Administrator->App Log Level

3. Set log level to 'No Log' and confirm the selection

Once this done, no PowerConnect logs will not be recorded in BALHDR/BALDAT tables.

Hotfix import and logs cleanup:

  1. Stop PowerConnect jobs.

  2. Import the transport N71K905234 into the system.

  3. Use SE38 to run program /BNWVS/BC_SBAL_DELETE (delivered in the transport above) in the client where PowerConnect is running.
    The recommendation is to run it in background mode as a job.

  4. Wait for job completion

  5. Increase Log Level to 'Error' level

  6. Start PowerConnect jobs again

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PowerConnect (all ABAP platforms)