Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: Splunk

Version: 1 from 24.02.2023


The Java System Overview dashboard first added in the PowerConnect Splunk app version 7.2.0+ includes a new Network Topology panel that is hidden by default.


This panel was hidden by default as the visualization used is not embedded in the PowerConnect Splunk app for 7.2.0+.


The visualization is not embedded in the PowerConnect Splunk. To enable it:

  1. Install the Network Topology visualization found on Splunkbase.

    1. As this app is not supported by Splunk and no longer in development, we are not liable for any compatibility issues now or in the future.

    2. This app is only marked as compatible with Splunk Enterprise 7.0.

  2. Reveal the panel in the Java System Overview dashboard:

    1. Go to the Java System Overview dashboard under the JAVA menu.

    2. Click to edit the dashboard

    3. In line 171, remove the depends attribute.

    4. Save the dashboard and refresh the page.