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KB 179 - Group definition/Event type filter per connection

KB 179(ABAP): Group definition/Event type filter per connection

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 07.06.2023


Since SP 7.03 PowerConnect framework has a possibility to filter out certain group definitions/events for specific connections.

In order to get it setup, following steps needs to be perfomed:

  1. Define Event type filter.
    This step could be performed in Administrator->Splunk Setup->Upload scheme.

Filters can be defined based on Group Def/EVENT_TYPE name or category. Both inclusive and exclusive options are supported:

Following categories are available for filtering:

There are 4 filters available OOB right after PowerConnect installation. Those have prefix '$' and corresponds to Group Def/Event type categories.

2. Assign created filter to the endpoint

On the left side of the screen double-click on necessary connection.

Select the filter from search-help and confirm your choice.

3. Save changes.

Once setup is done, events will flow according to defined filter. Empty filter means all events are flowing to the endpoint.

Product version




PowerConnect NW, S4HANA, and S4HANA Cloud



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