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KB 190 - Application logs are growing excessively

KB 190(ABAP): Application logs are growing excessively

Category: Problem

Priority: High

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 20.09.2023


Application logs within /BNWVS/ object are growing significantly and no data is uploaded to the configured endpoint. Upload schema (Administrator->Splunk setup->Upload scheme) contains empty Endpoint name in the Target definition (left side of the screen). The invalid Target is active:

Application log in SLG1 contains following entries:

This behavior can be reproduced during the Upload Target and Endpoint deletion.


Program error in UI screen.


This issue is fixed in the next release. Meanwhile the problem could fixed by assigning the valid Endpoint to the Target. Please follow steps below:

  1. Doble-click on the invalid Target (left side of the screen)

  2. In the Endpoint field select the valid Endpoint (using search-help)

  3. Ensure the Target is active

  4. Confirm dialog

  5. Save changes

In addition, in case there is a need to remove both Upload Target and Endpoint, please do not deactivate the Target (left side of the screen) before the deletion. The recommendation is to use following steps for Target deletion:

  1. Remove Target (left side of the screen). Please do not deactivate it before deletion.

  1. Remove Endpoint (right side of the screen).

  2. Save.

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