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KB 196 - TREAD_DYN: Date/Timestamp field ignored when no Select condition maintained

KB 196 (ABAP): TREAD_DYN: Date/Timestamp field ignored when no Select condition maintained

Category: Problem

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 27.11.2023


The Date/Time & Timestamp fields were implemented to capture delta data from tables by comparing the values of the date/time or timestamp fields between the last run and the current runtime. However, the functionality of these fields is dependent upon the existence of accompanying 'Select Conditions.' When 'Select Conditions' are absent, the date/time/timestamp fields are disregarded, resulting in the entire dataset of the table being selected. This behavior is perceived as a bug in the system.



To address this issue, a viable workaround involves the maintenance of a record in the 'Select Conditions.' Even if a select condition is not deemed necessary from a logical standpoint, a select condition should be established on the client (MANDT) field of the table. The values assigned to this condition should be based on the selection requirements for the current client or all clients within the SAP system.

For instance, if data needs to be selected from multiple clients, the following condition can be configured. In the case where data extraction is required solely from the current client, the 'Option' should be set to 'EQ,' and the 'Selection Value' (only the first column) should be assigned the client value. This approach ensures a systematic handling of select conditions, even in cases where they may not seem inherently necessary.



The permanent fix of the issue will be available for version 8.01.

Product version




PowerConnect NW, PowerConnect S4HANA



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