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KB 200 - PowerConnect Java Agent Host Level Scheduling Support

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: JAVA

Version: 1 from 01.04.2024


PowerConnect Java version 8.1.0 onwards now supports host level scheduling. This means for certain extractors only one extractor will run per host where there are multiple JVM nodes running on a host. This not only reduces the amount of data collected but also the overhead in collecting the data.

The following extractors now use host level scheduling by default:

  • Component

  • Process

  • EJB

  • Web Sessions

  • Cache

  • Alerts

Server0 is assigned by default as the node that will execute the extractors enabled with host level scheduling. If required this can be changed by performing the following steps


Important: None of the configurations below requires a restart of the PowerConnect agent.

  • Login to the PowerConnect UI

  • Navigate to Adminstration → Advanced

  • By default the agent runs the host level extractors on server0 only. This can be updated to use a different node. A regular expression to match the server name is also supported here.

  • Click Save

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