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KB 41 - Enabling Portal Activity Data Collector

KB 41 (Java) - Enabling Portal Activity Data Collector

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: Java(NW)

Version: 1 from 23.03.2021


The following instructions show how to enable the Portal Activity extractor for the Java environment and configure the PowerConnect Java agent to collect these logs:

  • Go to the Enterprise Portal by entering the following URL:

  • Then go to System Administration -> Content Statistics -> Data Collector Configuration

  • Make sure the "Close files every 60 minutes" option is checked

  • Click on Collector Files

  • Setup the portalActivity data file to use the following entries:

Note the order of these fields is critical for the PowerConnect Java agent log header configuration detailed below

  • Enable the Activity Data collector application by going to the NWA console using the following URL:

  • Click the Operations tab then the Start & Stop link:

  • Click the Java Applications tab

  • Search for "activity" in the Name column

  • Click on Portal Service Configuration

  • Ensure the data Collection Hook is set to True

  • Navigate Back

  • Restart the Data Activity Collector by clicking the Restart button

  • Files will start to appear in the following directory


Configure the PowerConnect Java agent to collect the Portal Activity Logs:

  • Go to the PowerConnect Java agent UI by entering the following URL: http://<Hostname_of_AS_Java_Server>:5<Instance_Number>00/ webdynpro/resources/com.powerconnect5/spcj_wd/SapPowerConnectJava

  • Click on the Log Monitoring Tab

  • Set the Portal Activity Log File Header value to be a comma separated string of field names as defined in the portalActivity data file configuration above e.g.

TimeOfRequest,LoggedOnUser HASH,iView PCD URL HASH,Header of Request HASH,URL Query String HASH,TimeToProcess Request,ServerNode,HTTPSessionID,NavigationPath,ObjectType,ServerHost,UniqueID,URLQueryString,IViewName,BrowserType,EmbeddedInPage,LoggedOnUser,UserType,PortalApplication,PortalComponent,iView PCD URL

  • Click Save

  • Click on the General tab

  • Tick the Portal Activity Monitoring Enabled checkbox in the Logs section

  • Restart the PowerConnect Java agent

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