KB 87 (ABAP): Support Pack 5.09 to 6.0 Upgrade

Category: Information

Priority: Normal

Platform: ABAP

Version: 1 from 23.03.2021


Please follow the following steps to upgrade the PowerConnect application from Support Pack 5.09 to 6.0.

  • Log into the managed system where the upgrade is planned, and execute the /n/bmwvs/main transaction.

  • Stop the collector job by selecting thec”Stop Collector” button .

  • Wait to confirm that all metrics have been sent to Splunk.

  • Stop the remaining jobs using the “Toggle Uploader” and the “Stop Check Job” buttons.

  • Clean-up all metric tables using the Goto->Truncate cluster functionality. This is needed, since the metric serialization approach is changed, and it might cause issues once uploading is started after upgrade:

  • Use SPAM to apply 5.10; 

  • Use SAINT to upgrade to 6.0; 

  • Transport the hotfixes (STMS) for SP 6.00 if any shared; 

  • Activate BC set /BNWVS/BCSET_500 (Tcode=SCPR20) 

  • Start PowerConnect Background jobs. 

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PowerConnect NW, S4HANA, and S4HANA Cloud