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Data Description

The NRIV event is used in SAP for number range intervals. Each business document is assigned a distinct identifying number. These identifying numbers are controlled as part of number ranges intervals. If these ranges are exhausted it means that no further business documents can be created.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used for the following scenarios:

  • Viewing business document creation over time

  • Monitoring to determine if number ranges are nearing exhaustion

Splunk Event

The event will look like this in Splunk:

SAP Navigation

Navigate to this data by using the SE16 t-code, and type “NRIV” into the Table Name field.

Hit “Enter” on your keyboard, and then enter the user-defined parameters for what you are looking for in the selection criteria. Then hit the “Execute” button.

The data will then be displayed, which will match the values in Splunk.

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