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PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.3 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.3 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions.


  • Core Engine - Disk backed queues - events are now persisted to disk to allow for longer retry/retention periods when output endpoints are down.

  • Core Engine - Input field mapping - The field mappings for inputs can now be modified. New fields can also be added.

  • SAP CPI Plugin - New access log input for SAP CPI NEO has been added.

  • SAP CPI Plugin - Errors for RETRY messages are now tracked.

  • SAP CPI Plugin - Custom header properties for CPI messages can now be collected.

  • SuccessFactors Plugin - New SuccessFactors plugin including inputs for monitoring process and integration errors, user meta data and employee data replication statuses.

  • Proxy support added


  • SAP API Management Plugin - API Portal Analytics input for CF has been modified to calculate API call counts and error counts from the counter data to avoid having to use streamstats in Splunk.

  • Null fields in CPI message meta data are now ignored

  • Batch mode is now default for Splunk HEC outputs

Known issues 


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