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PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.4 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.4 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions.


  • SAP Cloud Status input - new input added to the SAP CP Plugin which collects platform status, service status, active incidents and active scheduled maintenance from

  • PowerConnect Cloud Agent metrics including events processed, elapsed times of the inputs and outputs, errors etc. are now published via JMX and to the PowerConnect Cloud Agent log

  • All inputs now support retry


  • SAP CPM plugin now supports field mapping

  • Added connection refused/dropped to retry conditions for both inputs and outputs

  • Added rate limit status 429 to retry conditions for both inputs and outputs

  • AlternateWebLink field added to default CPI Message Input mapping

Bug Fixes

  • CPI Message Input - fixed filter bug that could lead to duplicate messages

Known issues 


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