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PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.5 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.5 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions.


  • New retry mechanism for inputs - now automatically retries http requests and exponentially retries the entire input task (configurable). Partial results will not be sent to Splunk, the input task is retried as a whole. Retries occur on a separate worker pool so as not to impact live results and can be distributed across the cluster

  • Task status tracker - the UI now has a Task section to view the status of the input tasks including completed, errored and retrying tasks

  • New CPI JMS resource input - monitor CPI JMS queues and stats

  • Added check pointing support

  • Added system_type field to easily identify the type of system (e.g. CPI, API-M) and allow filtering in the Splunk dashboards

  • Added ability to pause and resume inputs e.g. if scheduled maintenance is happening an input can be paused until scheduled maintenance is completed

  • Track errors in health stats log

  • Added ability to override PowerConnect cluster name


  • Default scheduler threadpool size increased from 1 to 10

  • Audit log input now accepts either 200 or 204 as successful status response

  • Event count in dashboard now reflects actual events rather than batches

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed restart script

  • 404 error page now works correctly

Known issues 


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