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PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.6 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 1.0.6 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions.


  • Configuration UI page - configuration set in the UI is now merged with environment variables at startup with user-defined configuration taking precedence

    • Can configure proxy server, http timeouts and retries, cluster name, event queue size

  • Added Java keystore support - oauth credentials for the inputs are now stored in a keystore rather than encrypted on disk. The password for the keystore is set using the environment variable POWERCONNECT_SECRET (see updated installation instructions)

  • Inputs can now be tested from the PowerConnect Cloud UI and results previewed

  • Added lag support to audit log, ariba, cpi audit log and successfactors inputs

  • Added SAP Ariba audit log input

  • Added SAP CPQ event log input


  • Added platform selection dropdown when creating a new input to make it easier to understand which inputs belong to which platform

  • CPI audit log input now uses oauth instead of basic auth

  • When creating a new input, the save button is disabled until all fields are valid

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions configuration changes may not be properly persisted to disk

  • Time filter fix in Neo API-M input

Known issues 


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