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PowerConnect Cloud 2.1.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 2.1.0 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions


  • Splunk Modular Input - PC Cloud Agent can now be deployed and run as a Splunk Modular Input on both Splunk on premises and Splunk Cloud

  • Single Sign On - Added single sign on support for PowerConnect Cloud UI (via SAML) to leverage thirdparty authentication such as Okta and Google

  • Certificate management - can now import SSL certificates using the PowerConnect Cloud UI

  • SuccessFactors Plugin

    • Enhanced process monitoring with process and task hierarchy and data replication failures

    • New payroll monitoring input showing payroll run data, records processed, run time and optional payroll details

    • New payroll configuration input showing payroll configuration changes over time

    • New onboarding process monitoring input tracking employee onboarding and offboarding process including task level details

    • New security monitoring capability showing logins, access, ip addresses etc. of systems connecting into SuccessFactors

  • Ariba Plugin

    • New integration events monitoring input collects status of every integration with Ariba including errors

  • CPQ Plugin

    • New user audit trail input tracking every user interaction with the CPQ system including logins, data changes and configuration updates

  • Data Intelligence Plugin

    • New monitoring query input collects tenant and pod metrics from Data Intelligence kubernetes clusters

  • Open Connectors Plugin

    • New audit log input

    • New api usage input collects api request details

    • New formula execution input collects data about every formula execution including optional step information and step values

  • Added OAuth SAML Bearer auth support

  • Added support for ISO formatted timestamps


  • CPI Plugin

    • Checkpointing on the LogEnd message field is now turned on by default. This is to cater for a scenario in the SAP MessageProcessingLog API where under high load conditions data is not published in a timely manner and can possibly be missed. Storing the timestamp of the last message read aleviates this issue.

  • CPQ Plugin

    • Added token url configuration for CPQ Events input

  • API-M Plugin

    • Added timestamp extraction support

    • Added replay/backfill support

  • Ariba Plugin

    • Updated default api url and token url

  • SucessFactors

    • Added $expand support to reduce number of calls to the API and improve performance

    • Added private key configuration to key store

  • UI

    • Split configuration items into multiple tabs to simplify the view

    • Login screen now has link to login using SSO if configured

    • Show cluster member start time in health view

Bug Fixes

  • Ariba Plugin

    • Added API key configuration to use in Ariba API calls

Known issues 


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