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PowerConnect Cloud 2.2.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 2.2.0 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions


  • Synthetics monitoring (beta) - monitor any URL or API endpoint for availability and performance including response time, status code, certificate expiry, dns resolution times, ssl handshake times and optional http headers and body content

  • Syslog receiver (beta) - push logs via syslog from any SAP Cloud Foundry application to the PowerConnect Cloud Agent. Syslog is normalised and structured by the agent and sent to Splunk. Supports both Syslog over TCP and Syslog over HTTP

  • SAP Job Scheduling Service input - monitor scheduled jobs and tasks running on the SAP Job Scheduling service

  • SAP Cloud Costs Monitoring input - monitor SAP Cloud service costs for tenants on the pay as you go model

  • Added support for running PC Cloud agent natively in SAP Cloud Foundry

  • Added support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storaage, Azure Blob Storage and SAP Cloud Blob Storage - PC Cloud agent can now use these services to store it’s configuration and checkpoint data etc.

  • Added attachments support to CPI Messages input (supports low volume environments due to limitations with the SAP MessageLog API)


  • If host field is present in an event, the PC Cloud agent will now use this field as part of the Splunk HEC metadata so the host field is populated with this value in Splunk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time filter bug in SuccessFactors Employee replication input which could lead to duplicate events

Known issues 


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