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PowerConnect Cloud 3.0.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 3.0.0 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions


  • Added SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (IBP) support - Audit Log

  • Added Data Intelligence pipeline monitoring which tracks pipeline executions, errors and performance

  • Added Change Audit Log collection via SFTP to SuccessFactors plugin

  • Added replay support to Ariba Audit Search Input

  • Added replay support to BTP Audit Log Input

  • Added Credit monitoring to SAP Billing plugin to support customers on the CPEA model

  • Outputs can now be tested from the PowerConnect Cloud UI


  • Updated Ariba Audit Search Input to support newer v2 api

Bug Fixes

  • When running a Replay if the output configuration was changed a validation error would occur, this has been fixed.

  • If Input was enabled/disabled from configuration form this would not properly trigger the enable/disable action in the backend. This has been fixed.

Known issues 


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