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PowerConnect Cloud 4.0.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect Cloud 4.0.0 release. Install the tarball by following the upgrade instructions


  • Added SAP Analytics Cloud support (user activity monitoring)

  • Added support for SuccessFactors change audit reports

  • Added support for SuccessFactors custom reports

  • Added supoprt for SuccessFactors Compound api audit log

  • Added replay support to Ariba Network Transactions input

  • Updated Ariba Security Dashboard

  • New SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard

  • New Cloud Foundry Syslog Dashboard (OB)

  • Additional Health metrics in the UI


  • Health metrics now include retry counts for outputs

  • Improved logging for scheduler and job tracker

Bug Fixes

  • Jobs could sometimes become stuck when running in a cluster with checkpointing enabled and a node crashes. This has now been fixed.

  • Fixed data collection issue with Ariba Network Transactions input

Known issues 


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