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PowerConnect Cloud Upgrade

Upgrade Steps

  • Download the new PowerConnect Cloud package tarball file

  • Copy the tarball file to the target server where PowerConnect Cloud is running

scp powerconnect-cloud-1.x.x.tgz <target-server>:/tmp

  • Login to the target server as the PowerConnect user

  • Stop the PowerConnect Cloud agent

/opt/powerconnect/bin/ stop

  • Backup the existing powerconnect folder

tar -cvpzf /<backup-folder>/powerconnect-backup.tar.gz -C /opt/powerconnect ./

  • Unpack the package to the PowerConnect folder

tar -zxvf powerconnect-cloud-1.x.x.tgz -C /opt/powerconnect

  • Switch to the PowerConnect folder

cd /opt/powerconnect

  • Make sure PowerConnect Cloud start script is executable

chmod +x bin/

  • Start PowerConnect Cloud

bin/ start

  • Browse to http://<powerconnect-server>:3000 to access the PowerConnect Cloud web UI

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