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PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB Agent Installation


The PowerConnect Java agent can be installed as a standalone agent on a SAP HANA Database host to monitor operating system metrics (cpu, memory, disk etc.) as well as SAP HANA audit logs and trace logs.

Hardware Requirements

  • x86 64-bit chip architecture

  • 1 CPU cores at 2GHz or greater

  • 512 MB RAM

  • A 64-bit Linux distribution

Software Requirements

  • A 64 bit Linux distribution running SAP HANA

  • Java 11 (SAPMachine, OpenJDK or Oracle)

Network Requirements

  • HTTP or HTTPS outbound on port 8088 to connect to the Splunk HTTP Event Collector (Splunk on premises or Splunk Cloud)

Pre-Installation Steps

  • Login to the SAP HANA database server

Create Installation Folder

  • Create a directory where the PowerConnect for SAP HANA agent software will be installed

sudo mkdir /opt/powerconnect

  • The agent should run as the SAP HANA database OS user so it is able to access log files inside the SAP HANA installation folder

  • Make sure the SAP HANA OS user has full ownership of the PowerConnect directory (in the example below SAP HANA is running as hd5adm and is part of the sapsys group)

sudo chown -R hd5adm:sapsys /opt/powerconnect

Install Java

sudo zypper install java-11-openjdk-devel

Create a database user (for audit logs only)

  • Create a database user for the PowerConnect (skip this step if you do not want to collect audit logs)

  • Connect to the HANA database using hdbsql
    hdbsql -n localhost:<insert hana port> -i 00 -u SYSTEM

  • Create a user (for example powerconect)
    CREATE USER powerconnect PASSWORD <insert password>;

  • Grant the user permissions to read the audit logs
    GRANT AUDIT READ TO powerconnect;

  • Connect to the database using the powerconnect user to verify
    hdbsql -n localhost:35015 -i 00 -u powerconnect

Download the HANA JDBC Driver

Installation Steps

  • Obtain the PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB package tarball file from your local distributor

  • Copy the tarball file to the SAP HANA DB host

scp powerconnect-hana-db-x.tgz <target-server>:/tmp

  • Login to the target server as the SAP HANA DB OS user

  • Unpack the package to the PowerConnect folder

tar -zxvf powerconnect-hana-db-x.tgz -C /opt/powerconnect

  • Switch to the PowerConnect folder

cd /opt/powerconnect

  • Make sure the java command runs and java is available on the path

java -version

  • Copy the SAP HANA Database JDBC driver named ngdbc-latest.jar you downloaded to the lib folder

cp /tmp/ngdbc-latest.jar /opt/powerconnect/lib

  • Make sure start script is executable

chmod +x bin/

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