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PowerConnect Java 7.1.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect for Java 7.1.0 release. Install the SCA package using SUM or telnet.

Version 7.x only supports SAP Netweaver 7.5 systems. For older versions of SAP Netweaver please use version 6.9.0.


  • Added HTTP idle keep-alive configuration for persistent connections. This allows for tuning of how long persistent connections are held open after becoming idle before being closed by the agent.


  • HTTP connections between the PowerConnect Java agent and the Splunk HEC are kept alive until they have been idle for 5 seconds (configurable).

Bug Fixes

  • Under certain high load conditions the Splunk HEC silently and forcibly terminates TCP connections that have been idle for 12 seconds (by default). This behaviour can be seen when running Splunk with DEBUG logging enabled e.g.

    DEBUG HTTPServer - peer=x.x.x.x:30670 idle for too long, disconnecting. Currently busy with KeepAliveIdleTimeout=12.000 seconds. Consider raising the timeout value.

    When using TLS connections (i.e. SSL enabled) between the PowerConnect Java agent and the Splunk HEC this scenario could cause the agent to lose an event as the SSL Engine in the JVM is forcibly closed from underneath the connection (it is re-created on the next event). The agent has been updated to gracefully handle this scenario so no data loss occurs.

  • When the PowerConnect Java agent is configured to send to multiple Splunk HEC endpoints there is a rare scenario where the agent will fail to stop. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue around PO message collection which can cause duplicate messages to be sent to Splunk for long running PO messages. This has been fixed in 7.2.0.

  • There is a known issue where the PowerConnect Java agent sometimes fails to stop. This occurs when the Agent recieves a stop signal whilst it’s running an extractor that uses the http client (topology, po channel status, po performance). The stop request shuts down the http client whilst the extractor is still using it and ends up with a stuck thread. This has been fixed as a hotfix 7.3.1 and in 8.0.0.

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