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PowerConnect Java 7.2.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect for Java 7.2.0 release. Install the SCA package using SUM or telnet.

Version 7.x only supports SAP Netweaver 7.5 systems. For older versions of SAP Netweaver please use version 6.9.0.


  • Added new PO Performance Monitoring Extractor - runs every 15 minutes and extracts PO performance statistics (volume, response time, size etc.) for each message scenario. Optionally collects detailed breakdown of the performance of each step

  • Added new Enqueue Server Monitoring Extractor (beta) - extracts Enqueue Server statistics (requests, rejects, errors, lock time etc.). Currently requires a Java system to be running on the same host as the Enqueue Server. Remote collection functionality will be added in the next release

  • Added new Agent info extractor which sends agent version and license expiry to Splunk each day

  • Added HTTPS SNI support

  • HTTP timeout for Extractors is now configurable

  • DSR Extractor lag and max records is now configurable

  • Advanced Splunk configuration has been added to the new beta UI

  • Inflight PO messages now support payload header extraction


  • Increased PI max messages setting from 100 to 200 in line with version 6.x

Bug Fixes

  • For long running PO messages the inflight message tracker does not clean up messages that eventually succeed or are cancelled which can then produce duplicate messages in Splunk. This has been fixed

  • Using the “all” setting in advanced PO filter configuration to extract all payload versions for staged messages can sometimes result in a null value for the payload due to the connection to the PI web service being closed before the payload is processed by the agent. This has been fixed. 

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue where the PowerConnect Java agent sometimes fails to stop. This occurs when the Agent recieves a stop signal whilst it’s running an extractor that uses the http client (topology, po channel status, po performance). The stop request shuts down the http client whilst the extractor is still using it and ends up with a stuck thread. This has been fixed as a hotfix 7.3.1 and in 8.0.0.

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