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PowerConnect Java 8.2.0 Release Notes


PowerConnect for Java 8.2.0 release. Install the SCA package using SUM or telnet.

Version 7.x and 8.x only supports SAP Netweaver 7.5 systems. For older versions of SAP Netweaver please use version 6.9.0.


  • New SAP HANA DB standalone agent

    • Monitor HANA DB logs and metrics including out of memory traces, audit logs, cpu, memory, disk iops, disk space, network iops, processes

  • New SAP Data Services agent

    • Monitor Data Services jobs including logs and errors, job metrics, server metrics and os metrics

  • SAP Netweaver OpenTelemetry support - send traces to supported backends to track and trace transactions

  • Added support for Splunk Observability Cloud Trace API

  • Added support for Dynatrace Trace Ingest API

Known Issues

  • None

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