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PowerConnect SP 6.06 Release notes (ABAP)

Post upgrade steps

Please ensure there are no unsent metrics left in the queue before PowerConnect jobs are started again (after SPAM import step). Following options need to be considered: 

  • Stop Extractor job and wait until all metrics are sent before the upgrade is actually started. 

  • Stop all jobs and execute ‘Goto->Troubleshooting->Truncate cluster’ menu option to cleanup all metrics in the queue.

PowerConnect batch user role (Z_BNWVS_BATCHUSER) is updated in current release. Please re-import and re-generate it after upgrade according to following guide (part 2).



  • New ST05 Trace extractor;

  • New PowerConnect schedule extractor;

  • New LTRC_CHECK extractor;

  • New BPM LIS IS (totals) extractors;

  • New /AIF/ERR tcode extractor;

  • New SWI1 worflow items log extractor;

  • New BPM BO relations extractor;

  • New BPM VL06O extractor;

  • New BPM VBSK extractor (VA_S);


  • SM51 OS TOP command (Linux);

  • SM51 enhancement: new call stack subgroup;

  • ST22 enhancement: most of dump fields are extracted;

  • GW_TRACE_PERF performance improvements;

  • GW_TRACE_PLOAD performance improvements;

  • LOGSYS extractor improvements;

  • SM13 enhancement (error message);

  • SXMB_MONI enhancement: root document extraction;

  • CDPOS enhancement (timezone offset);

  • CDPOS multi-client version;

  • SU01 enhancement: new fields;

  • SM59_RFCDES enhancement: data stored in separate fields;

  • Check User Type Before Job Scheduled;

  • Data collection consent;

  • Metric serialization improvements (local types reference);

  • Endpoint definition check (HTTP prefix and port);

  • Extractor Component/product name filter;

Bug fixes

  • SMWS missing fields bug fix;

  • SU01 missing users fix;

  • SLIN_SEC Dynamic call parameter fix;

  • SQVI extractor bug fixes;

  • SP01 Missing entries issue fix;

  • Backup groups fix;

  • Oracle SGA/PGA extractors fix;

  • RZ10_LOG _time value fix;

  • OSQL extractor fix (CLIENT SPECIFIED keywords);

  • SLG1 Timezone offset bug fix (seconds shift);

  • SM51 Missing batch job value fix (S4HANA);

  • ODATA_TRACE missing data bug fix;

  • Splunk HEC connection test bug fix (GCP);

Known issues

  • In some cases ST22 extractor might raise TABLE_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT error in Administrator->Check errors. Please contact PowerConnect support if you see this issue.

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