Post upgrade steps

Please ensure there are no unsent metrics left in the queue before PowerConnect jobs are started again (after SPAM import step). Following options need to be considered: 

  • Stop Extractor job and wait until all metrics are sent before the upgrade is actually started. 

  • Stop all jobs and execute ‘Goto->Troubleshooting->Truncate cluster’ menu option to cleanup all metrics in the queue.



  • New SQLM Trace extractor (SAP Note 1885926 - ABAP SQL Monitor, SAP Best practices) ;

  • New GW Statistics extractor (Fiori ODATA service stats);

  • New RSAU check extractor (SAP Note 2033317 - Audit log integrity check);

  • New STXL table extractor (SAP texts);


  • SUIM Multiclient option;

  • SM59 performance improvements;

  • Metric serialisation batching;

  • Summary table update performance improvements;

  • Synchronization functionality (beta);

  • BPM_ECC_ESOD is able to extract document texts;

Bug fixes

  • SXMB_MONI filter maitenance fix;

  • SU01 metric config update fix;

  • ODATA_TRACE batch size fix;

  • ST22 dump fix;

  • Extract delay maitenance bug fix;

  • Wizard job server definition issue fix;

  • SP01 missing entries fix;

  • STAD missing entries fix;

  • Uploader memory leak fix;

  • Troubleshooting package dump fix (S4HANA);

  • SMICM dump fix;