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PowerConnect SP 6.07 Release notes (ABAP)

Post upgrade steps

Please ensure there are no unsent metrics left in the queue before PowerConnect jobs are started again (after SPAM import step). Following options need to be considered: 

  • Stop Extractor job and wait until all metrics are sent before the upgrade is actually started. 

  • Stop all jobs and execute ‘Goto->Troubleshooting->Truncate cluster’ menu option to cleanup all metrics in the queue.



  • New SQLM Trace extractor (SAP Note 1885926 - ABAP SQL Monitor, SAP Best practices) ;

  • New GW Statistics extractor (Fiori ODATA service stats);

  • New RSAU check extractor (SAP Note 2033317 - Audit log integrity check);

  • New STXL table extractor (SAP texts);


  • SUIM Multiclient option;

  • SM59 performance improvements;

  • Metric serialisation batching;

  • Summary table update performance improvements;

  • Synchronization functionality (beta);

  • BPM_ECC_ESOD is able to extract document texts;

Bug fixes

  • SXMB_MONI filter maitenance fix;

  • SU01 metric config update fix;

  • ODATA_TRACE batch size fix;

  • ST22 dump fix;

  • Extract delay maitenance bug fix;

  • Wizard job server definition issue fix;

  • SP01 missing entries fix;

  • STAD missing entries fix;

  • Uploader memory leak fix;

  • Troubleshooting package dump fix (S4HANA);

  • SMICM dump fix;

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