Post upgrade steps

Please ensure there are no unsent metrics left in the queue before PowerConnect jobs are started again (after SPAM import step). Following options need to be considered: 

  • Stop Extractor job and wait until all metrics are sent before the upgrade is actually started. 

  • Stop all jobs and execute ‘Goto->Troubleshooting->Truncate cluster’ menu option to cleanup all metrics in the queue.

SAP Bach user role is updated in this version, it is recommended to re-import it after upgrade.



  • New LOGS file status overview report (troubleshooting);
    Goto->Troubleshooting->Logs file status
    Could be used to reset the status of the specific log file (i.e. to re-upload it again)


  • BD87_DYN status category has been added;
    Field name on Splunk side is STATUS_GROUP. It could be used to identify whether IDOC status is error, in progress or successful

  • BD87_DYN skip header/status if no segments found;

  • WE02 status category has been added;
    Same as described for BD87_DYN

  • SM51_STATE application server startup time added;
    Server start up time taken from availability.log.

  • SQL Script extractors authorization checks added;
    Security improvement. S_TABU_SQL auth object is used if available.

  • TREAD_DYN extractor authorization checks added;
    Security improvement. S_TABU_DIS or S_TABU_NAM authorization objects are used

  • SP01_CONTENT spool pages read limit;
    Default page limit is 20 (only first 20 pages are read and sent to Splunk).

  • ORA_DB02_SESS Full SQL text extracted;

  • Metric uploading memory optimizations;

  • SXMB_MONI enhancement (value size filter);
    SXMB_MONI XML payload is now parsed and sent with EVENT_SUBTYPE = PAYLOAD

  • DB6_DB02_HADR now extracting latest snapshot (non aggregated);

  • LOGS extractor performance improvements;

  • STAD subrecords manual refresh (troubleshooting);
    After system upgrade it might be needed to refresh list of STAD subrecords available in the filter to be able to pull some new sub-records.

  • SPAD_STATUS enhanced with new fields;

  • SM20 filter enhanced with new fields (User, Severity);

Bug fixes

  • SOST is not able to pull waiting messages bug fix;

  • CCMS S4HANA 2021 missing nodes issue fix;

  • SM20 Message severity description fix;

  • MTR_DDIC empty structure error fix;

  • AIF_ERROR create type error fix;

  • BD87_DYN Duplicate filter entries dump fix;

  • SMGW writev system log message fix;

  • AL11 Filter Dump error fix;

  • LOGS/AL11 missing data fix;

  • HDB_DBCC_BCCAT missing records bug fix;

  • RSAU_CHECK missing entries fix;

  • Addressed the issue when job server assignments were lost after restart;