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SDF_MON - SAP Performance Snapshot Monitoring

Data Description

The SDF_MON event corresponds to the /SDF/MON transaction of the SAP system. It can be used to collect & analyze different types of system performance snapshots. These include CPU, number of work processes, memory utilization, and number of logins as well as sessions in the SAP instances at any specific time.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used in the following scenarios:

  • Analyze if the load is equally distributed across all SAP application servers by analyzing the CPU utilization

  • Analyze memory utilization including heap memory at specific times when the CPU utilization was high.

  • Analyze SAP work process utilization

SAP Navigation

Log into the managed SAP system and execute the transaction /n/SDF/MON to display snapshot data.

Double click on a line to display details result of the snapshot.

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