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SMENQ_REPLICATOR - Enqueue Replicator Admin data

Data Description

The SMENQ_REPLICATOR event is used to monitor the Enqueue Replicator. This only works if Enqueue Replicator is configured for the replication. This helps to see if the server is running. Other information such as the kernel release, the instance on which the server is running, trace level, and the fill level of the lock table.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used in the following scenarios:

  • To check if the Enqueue Replicator is running and set an alert in case the Replicator is stopped

  • To help system administrators and SAP support check other information like kernel release and trace level and also find the history of changes in the parameters

  • The information can be used for the audit log at the year’s end and/or at a specific time.

SAP Navigation

Log into the managed SAP system and execute the transaction SMENQ & click on the 'Replicator Administration' button to display the overview data of the Enqueue Replicator. Note that this 'Replicator Administration' view is only visible if the Enqueue Replicator for the replication is configured.

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