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SRT_LOG - Web Services Error Log

Data Description

The SRT_LOG event (corresponding to SAP transaction SRT_LOG in SAP Business Suite systems) is used to obtain important detailed context information about the time and location of SAP Web Services errors that have occurred at run time.

Potential Use Cases

This event could be used in the following scenarios:

  • Alert on specific error messages displayed in the error log

  • Determine error trends over time

  • Identify precise time and location of errors in source code

  • Perform root-cause analyses

  • Reproduce and correct errors

Splunk Event

The event will look like this in Splunk:

SAP Navigation

Log in to the SAP system and execute the SRT_LOG transaction code. Enter the selection criteria and the SAP Web Services error logs will be displayed if present.

The Error Log comprises two screen areas:

  • Overview: All the data of the overview screen are available to Splunk

  • Error Context: The Error Context screen area includes the following functions, which can be executed by choosing the relevant push buttons.

    • Error Context(XML Format)

      • Display error in the context in XML format.

    • Call Stack

      • Display call stack up to the source code line in which the error occurred.

    • Configuration

      • Display configuration.

    • Response Data

      • Display response XML sent from SAP Gateway. It displayed the HTTP response headers and payload.

For Event Type GW_ERROR_FND the above fields in the Error Context section are optional and if activated (using configuration) then are sent to the Splunk system (in XML string).

The metric configuration is used to customize a metric event based on requirements. To access the configuration, log into the managed system and execute the /N/BNWVS/MAIN transaction code. Then go to Administrator → Setup Metric → Metric Configuration.

For event type SRT_LOG, the value of the ERROR_CONTEXT field is set to be extracted to send it to Splunk based on the below configuration. To extract the other 2 fields’ information, put ‘Parameter Value’ as X.

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