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Using Systemd to manage the PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB Agent

The PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB agent can be managed by Systemd.

  • Get the SAPSYSTEMNAME and SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH environment variables from the HANA DB OS user (we need these because systemd does not get these for us)

env | grep SAP

  • Create the powerconnect systemd service file:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/powerconnect.service

  • Populate the contents as follows replacing the SAPSYSTEMNAME and SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH with the values you collected above and the User and Group with the HANA DB os user and group:

Description=PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB agent
Environment=SAPSYSTEMNAME=<insert SAPSYSTEM NAME here>
User=<insert hana db os user here>
Group=<insert hana db os user group here>
ExecStart=/bin/bash /opt/powerconnect/bin/ start
ExecStop=/bin/bash /opt/powerconnect/bin/ stop
  • Reload the Systemd service:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

  • Start the PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB agent using Systemd:

sudo systemctl start powerconnect.service

  • Check the status:

systemctl status powerconnect

  • To have Systemd start the PowerConnect for SAP HANA DB agent when the host starts up:

sudo systemctl enable powerconnect

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