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Activate Business Configuration Set for Splunk (PowerConnect ABAP 8.X)

→ This action must be performed in your productive client as the Business Configuration (BC) Set contains client-dependent data.

  • Call transaction SCPR20.

  • In the field “BC Set” enter “/BNWVS/BCSET_SPLUNK” and press enter.

  • Choose “BC Set → Activate” in the menu to process the activation.

  • Create a customizing request to process the activation.

→ Caution: If the transport was not requested, check if settings in SCC4 allow this action.

→ Import the transport into DEV and in any subsequent system from there.

Click on Continue

Click on Continue

Click on Continue Activation

  • Check the logs for successful execution by clicking on the glasses.

Confirm there are no errors or warnings. If there are errors or warnings, please contact PowerConnect support: Raising a PowerConnect Support Request

If BC Set was not imported successfully, beside the logs, you will get a notice when starting the PowerConnect for SAP Solutions application using transaction “/BNWVS/MAIN”.


Next step is to import the PowerConnect roles to your productive client.

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