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Additional Actions for Dual Stack Systems (PowerConnect Java - All Versions)

The PowerConnect license is generated against the installation number in the SAP license key that is installed in to the system. In Dual-Stack systems like PI, SolMan there is no license installed in the JAVA side of the dual stack installation, instead Java relies on the ABAP license. In this case there is no functionality for PowerConnect agent to check the license key in the ABAP side of the dual stack installation and therefor the Java license key can not be validated. In order to allow the PowerConnect agent to validate the license, you need to install an SAP license in to the Java stack. In the /nwa application a valid license must be shown otherwise the PowerConnect agent will not startup. You can safely run a Java license in the Java side of a dual stack solution, even when there is a license in the ABAP solution.

The /nwa must have a valid license installed, and there must be a valid installation # and SID shown.

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