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Installing Splunk

Use the latest installation resources, provided by your Splunk distributor. Installation is quite straight forward. Use recommended settings. For more detailed instructions, refer to the official Splunk documentation.

  • If you want to change the default installation path or (applicable on Windows) domain affiliation, use the “Customize Options” button, otherwise use “Next”.

  • Ensure to have users with administration privileges in Splunk as well as in SAP Basis.

  • Create an administration user account responsible for any configuration task in Splunk. Please choose a reasonable password for it.

  • Wait for the process to be started, which could take a while and open a browser window. Load the address http://<hostname>:8000 to open the management interface of Splunk Enterprise.

  • You’re requested to change the password provided while installing Splunk. Please comply with this requirement.

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