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Splunk Setup & Configuration


Install and configure Splunk and PowerConnect Splunk App.

Prerequisites and Preparation

  • Inform all stakeholders in Splunk team and request support, if needed.

  • Inform yourself on Splunkbase about latest and valid software components fitting to your software basis. In case of doubt contact PowerConnect support: Raising a PowerConnect Support Request.

  • Get all the necessary software packages you need for installation.

  • Consult related documentation resources.

Known Issues








There are a few steps that need to be taken on Splunk-side to establish a data connection between SAP and Splunk. These are:

  1. Install Splunk Enterprise (optional)

  2. Install and configure PowerConnect Splunk App

  3. Create a Splunk index for SAP data

  4. Create and configure HTTP Event Collector

  5. Create user and roles

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