Please follow steps below to setup SM51 extractor to get more precise CPU utilization (optional).

If the setup is not performed, GET_TOP_SINGLE FM will be used (OSCOL). The default OSCOL interval is 60 seconds, which might not give precise values for CPU utilization in some cases (returns buffered values next 59 seconds).

Linux (starting from SP 5.06)

The Following command should be defined in SM69 as the prerequisite.

Operating System Command:

Parameters for Operation System Command:
axo pid,user,time,pri,%cpu,rssvsz,cmd –sort=-pcpu

As a result, the CPU utilization will be stored into the CPU_UTIL_ZZ field in the SM51 extractor. If the configuration is applied, TYPE_ZZ (oscol data type) will be equals 0.


This functionality is not supported for Windows servers.