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PowerConnect ABAP Installation Guide (PowerConnect ABAP 7.X)


Install and configure PowerConnect application for SAP ABAP application server.

General Advice:

Please read these instructions carefully and give attention to every detail. Missing any single step could result in problems later on.

Prerequisites and Preparation

  • Inform yourself about latest and valid software components fitting to your software basis. In case of doubts, contact PowerConnect support: Raising a PowerConnect Support Request.

  • Get all the necessary software packages you need for installation.

  • Consult related documentation resources.

  • Check and confirm following SAP Notes are installed or not applicable for your systems:
    1487337 - Downporting the class CL_ABAP_DYN_PRG

Most Common Issues

Issue Title


Data for Particular Extractor is Not Visible in Splunk

ABAP Troubleshooting | Data-for-Particular-Extractor-is-Not-Visible-in-Splunk

No Data is Being Sent to Splunk Because PowerConnect Batch Jobs are Disabled

ABAP Troubleshooting | No-Data-is-Being-Sent-to-Splunk-Because-PowerConnect-Batch-Jobs-are-Disabled

Metric Errors in the PowerConnect Administrative Console

ABAP Troubleshooting | Metric-Errors-in-the-PowerConnect-Administrative-Console


In order to establish a connection between the SAP and Splunk we need to install and configure an agent that runs within the SAP system and exports all the monitoring data into Splunk.

There’s some work to be done to facilitate successful data transmission. Please follow these steps:

  1. Import the agent using SAINT

    1. If a hot fix transport is included in the PowerConnect release notes, please import the transport at this point in the process.

  2. Activate BC Sets

  3. Upload PowerConnect roles

  4. Assign PowerConnect roles to users

  5. Configure PowerConnect license

  6. Configure SSL encryption between SAP and Splunk (Optional)

  7. Configuring PowerConnect connection between SAP and Splunk

  8. Post Installation Steps (Optional)

  9. Load HANA DB scripts (Optional)

  10. Load Security Baseline Checks (Optional)

In case of issues with the PowerConnect agent after installation please refer to the Knowledge Base or the ABAP Troubleshooting Guide.

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