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Optional - Load Security Baseline Checks (PowerConnect ABAP 7.X)

If you would like to monitor SAP System Security Baseline, it is possible to load set of checks to be used and monitored as a baseline. Please follow steps below to upload rules into PowerConnect:

  • Administrator → Metric Filters->More->Rule Processing Filter

  1. On the left side set the Active flag for Security Baseline group

  2. Double-click on Security Baseline group

  3. On the right side, click ‘Import’

  4. Select the path to the  Security Baseline SP file (should be shared along with install files)

  5. Use ‘Select All’ on the toolbar

  6. Save the dialog and exit.

  7. Activate the RPF_CHECK group in the Administrator->Setup Group Def menu option and save according to KB 108 - Enable/Disable ABAP Extractor.

→ Important note!
Please note that some checks could be deactivated later any time if needed.

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